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Our Story & Mission

The mission of Sunnyside Urban Farm is to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to residents of Bloomington’s West Side.  We complete this mission by employing teens who live within a 2 mile radius of the garden to grow the food for their neighbors.

At Sunnyside Urban Farm & Food Forest, we believe that even the smallest sprout can influence the community. 

Sunnyside Urban Farm & Food Forest is a collaborative organization that provides over one thousand pounds of fresh organic produce to the community during the season.

The word food forest stems from the element of sustainability that is integral in the garden. 

A ‘food forest’ works in harmony with nature. 

Fruit trees provide shade to young plants and interplanting allows for natural pest control, water retention, and soil fertility. 

Native plants create a habitat for beneficial insects such as honey bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and even spiders! 

For years Sunnyside’s mission is to be an oasis; a place for insect, plant, and people to come together and we are so thankful to continue to serve the community of West Bloomington. The early mornings, sweat-drenched shirts, and muddy boots grow the sweetest raspberries, the juiciest tomatoes, and the most tender of lettuces. Thank you to all of our volunteers, people behind the scenes, and everyone who has believed in this project.  

We welcome anyone who may be interested in volunteering, learning, or in need of food to contact us for more information. 

Background Photo Credit: Jason Reblando

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