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Sunnyside began in May 2016 with ten (10) 5 X 20-foot beds, a 280-foot raspberry, and a strawberry bed. We have since added 35 beds for annual vegetables, 7 strawberry beds, and 150 fruit trees.  As a result, we have distributed thousands of pounds of fresh produce in the community of West Bloomington. 


Sunnyside started its partnership with the Boys & Girl’s Club in 2016.  Sunnyside provides summer programming with the Boys & Girls Club to teach local children about gardening, healthy lifestyles, and our connection to nature.


Since 2021 Sunnyside has employed teens who live within a 2 mile radius of the garden to work the garden.  We love having a diverse group of teens from our neighborhood helping us to complete our mission.  As well as being paid the teens also benefit from job seminars, tours of Heartland Community College, cooking classes, and many other personal development activities.


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